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How does QuikKool help?

QuikKool for QUICK relief from mouth ulcers- A unique remedy

QuikKool is unique with its formulation containing three active ingredients choline salicylate, lignocaine hydrochloride, and benzalkonium chloride.

How QuikKool works?

The skin on the inner lining of the mouth gets eroded and nerves ger exposed leading to severe pain.

Lignocaine acts on the nerve endings and relieves from the pain while our scientifically developed base helps in providing coolness.

Choline Salicylate soothes the wound and aids in healing faster.

QuikKool enables repair and regain the natural health of the inner lining of the mouth.

How to apply QuikKool?

Wash your hands, apply enough gel to cover the tip of index finger, rub well into the affected area every 3 hours.

Do not apply more than once every 3 hours.


Choline salicylate- choline salicylate in the formulation aids in healing the ulcer faster, decreasing the inflammation and swelling around the ulcer.

Lignocaine hydrochloride- QuikKool aids in providing instant relief from the pain of mouth ulcers and provides a cool soothing effect.

Benzalkonium chloride- It aids in preventing any further infections, and provide antibacterial effect on the ulcer. It protects the bacteria from making the ulcer more infectious

Thus, QuikKool mouth ulcer gel provides you instant relief from the mouth ulcer pain.

Pack Size:

Available in transparent gel format in an easy- to- carry tube of 10g


1 pack- 65 Rs.

QuikKool- Is it safe?

QuikKool not only provides instant relief from ulcer pain, but also helps in healing ulcers faster. QuikKool is really a cool way to get rid of pain, and heal mouth ulcers. When taken as per dosage directed on pack it does not cause any side effects.